While pregnant with my son I was inspired to create MATINEE to provide psychological counselling and Doula support to women as they prepare for birth and the transition into motherhood.
Being pregnant and giving birth for the first time had a deep impact on me and since then I am passionate about supporting women and birthing parents during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
I am also dedicated to supporting mothers after a traumatic birth experience and bereavement.


What is a doula?

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Birthing women and new mothers have had support from more experienced women since the beginning of time.


The word Doula comes from the ancient Greek and means “a women who serves” freely translated. A doula is a professional who provides continuous emotional, physical and practical support through pregnancy, labour and birth.


The Doula brings the village back to our modern and urban lifestyle.

As your Doula I go along with you throughout your pregnancy, birth & beyond (without the woo woo)!


 My aims are to help you prepare for birth and to give you the confidence to achieve a positive birth experience. I support your choices whatever, they may be. I also reassure your partner and help him or her feel confident in supporting you.


I am based in Winterthur serving mothers in Zurich and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of having a Doula?

Research shows that a doula assisted birth result in:



. 25 % decrease in the length of labour

. 50 % fewer Caesarean births

. 40 % decrease in use of forceps

. 40 % decrease in use of synthetic oxytocin

. 60 % decrease in use of epidurals

. 30 % decrease in use of pain medication



And on the long- run benefits of support during labor include:



. Improved breastfeeding

. Decreased postpartum depression

. Greater maternal satisfaction

. Better mother-infant interaction

. Secure, well-bonded children

My birth & pOSTPARTUM Doula package:


in and around Winterthur and Zurich

I am here to encourage woman and their birth partners to be bold, empowered, and courageous during one of life’s biggest transitions into motherhood. 


Although having a baby is an exciting time, it can also cause insecurity and anxiety, especially if you are far from family or worried that you won’t achieve your ideal birth vision.


Engaging a doula can help you to stay calm and focused before, during and after birth, ensuring you feel empowered through the process!


What to expect?

Initial meeting in my studio in Winterthur or online to discuss how I can best support you.

(Energy balancing of 150.- CHF in case I am not your Doula).

Unlimited support via phone, WhatsApp and mail throughout your pregnancy

1 or 2 preliminary sessions to go through ideas, offer information, tools and practicalities and a chance to debrief any previous birth experiences.

Help formulating a birth wish list (birth plan)

24h seven days a week “on call” from weeks 38 to 42 of your pregnancy

Continuous emotional and physical support through labour and birth

. 1 Follow-up meeting 6-8 weeks after birth in my studio or online

Your investment:   from 1’880.- CHF


Travel fee may apply



. Private childbirth class incl. breastfeeding knowledge

. Reiki sessions

. Mother’s Blessing Ceremony

. Postpartum visits

. Closing the Bones Ritual


in and around Winterthur and Zurich

Taking care for yourself in the postpartum period is an essential part of your recovery during this sweet and vulnerable time. 


Following ancient wisdom I dedicated time and passion into re-learning and reclaiming the art of traditional postpartum care. This old practice is intended to bring warmth into the new mum’s body to heal and restore her.  A great holistic way to embrace the change into motherhood.


After the baby is born I provide weekly visits – 12 hours of care broken into either 4 x 3 hour sessions or 6 x 2 hour sessions. 


Night doula service upon request as early as six weeks. Getting some extra sleep can go a long way in the mother’s ability to maintain a healthy and happy life. 

What to expect?

. Initial meeting in my studio in Winterthur or online to discuss how I can best support you. 

(Energy balancing of 150.- CHF in case I am not your Doula).

. 1 individual postpartum coaching

. Wholesome food based on Ayurveda principles

. An extra pair of hands around your baby so that mum can sleep or shower

. Time to reflect your birth experience and discuss questions




. Breastfeeding support

. Energy healing treatment (Reiki)

. Ayurvedic massage

Bonding bath (Re-bonding)

. Herbal bath and time to relax

. Yoni steaming

. Belly Binding 

. Trauma support

Your investment:   from 1’480.- CHF 


A tailor-made arrangement to suit your needs upon request.

The groceries will be added to the final bill and receipts provided to you. 

Travel fee may apply


in and around Winterthur and Zurich

A women’s body opens during pregnancy and birth. But we also have opened ourselves to a life-changing experience.

Closing the Bones is a postpartum closing ceremony that gently brings the body, mind and soul back together. This ritual can be a great way to release emotions associated with the birth and transition into motherhood.

The Closing the Bones Ceremony is an ancient practice from traditional Mexican Midwifery, however, similar traditions are carried out in many other parts of the world mainly in South America, Africa and Asia.

What to expect?

My offering includes a birth debrief, an energy healing treatment, a herbal bath (or footbath), a rebozo massage, and the wrapping of the body. 

The ceremony will take between four and five hours and will be carried out in the comfort of your own home together with your favourite person.

Your investment:   560.- CHF


Travel fee may apply


In addition to my dedication to training and education I have also cultivated my passion for books, candles and Christmas. When I am not working, you can find me spending time with my son or enjoying the mountains. We love our family vacations.